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Bushings and Spacers

Part Number Description
NAS42 Spacer Sleeve, Aluminum, Alloy Steel
NAS43 Spacer Sleeve, Aluminum, Alloy Steel
NAS47 Spacer Sleeve, Aluminum, Nonmetallic Epoxy Glass Cloth, Epoxy Resin
NAS61 Spacer Sleeve, Aluminum, Nonmetallic Polyamide (Nylon)
NAS73 Bushing Steel, CAD Plated
NAS74 Bushing Aluminum Bronze
NAS75 Bushing Steel or Stainless
NAS76 Bushing Copper and Bronze
NAS77 Bushing Flanged Stainless, Bronze and Copper

Bolts, Screws and Pins

Part Number Description
MS9462 thru MS9468 Pin Straight Superseded by AS9462/AS9468
MS9561 Bolt Double Hex
MS9842 thru MS9848 Pin Straight Superseded by AS9842/AS9848
MS14181 Bolt Tension
MS16997 SOC Cap Screw
MS16998 SOC Cap Screw
MS20004 thru MS20024 Bolt Internal
MS20073 Bolt Machine
MS20074 Bolt Machine
MS20392 Clevis Pin
MS21134 Bolt Spline Drive
MS35307 Finished Hex Cap
MS35308 Finished Hex Cap
MS35810 Pin Straight (Clevis)
MS51575 Shoulder Bolt
MS51576 Shoulder Bolt
MS51932 Pin Drilled
MS90725 Hex Cap Screw
MS90726 Hex Cap Screw
MS90727 Hex Cap Screw
MS90728 Hex Cap Screw